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3 Creative Ways of Writing Melodies for Your Next Song

3 Creative Ways of Writing Melodies for Your Next Song

3 Creative Ways of Writing Melodies for Your Next SongWhen inspiration strikes, you should be prepared to grab it by the horns.

Unfortunately, there are times when inspiration just won’t carry you over the finish line.

While writing your next masterpiece, you might end up writing melodies that sound trite, or a lot like other songs you’ve already written.

So, how do you break out of that mold and craft a killer melody when you’re stuck?

Here are three creative ways of writing melodies for your next song.

1. Limit The Number Of Notes You’re Using While Writing Melodies

There are typically seven usable notes in any key, and if you include chromatics, 12 possible notes you could write a melody with.

It may seem like the best strategy would be to not put any limitations on yourself. But the opposite can often be true.

Instead of leaving yourself with as many options as possible, sometimes limiting yourself (i.e. to three or four notes) can spark new ideas you may not come up with otherwise.

2. Take Inspiration From Rhythmic Ideas

It’s easy to forget that rhythm can have a significant impact on the melodies you write.

A new rhythmic idea can breathe fresh life into what might seem like an otherwise stale melody.

Rhythmic ideas are everywhere. Pay attention to the ticking of a clock, the sounds you hear while you’re riding the train or even the clicking of your car’s signal.

3. Take Advantage Of An App Like Amadeus Code

Leveraging the power of AI to write melodies? You might be surprised at the results!

Amadeus Code is a highly configurable songwriting assistant that can help you come up with compelling melodies.

Plus, whatever melodies are created within the app can be further tweaked and edited if you’d like to put your own spin on them.

Would you like to gain early access to Amadeus Code and test it out for yourself? We’d like you to invite you to join us by signing up today.

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