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AMA with CEO Jun Inoue: How do you think AI helps us better understand human creativity?

Producer, music aficionado and tech entrepreneur Jun Inoue is CEO and the driving force behind Amadeus Code. We asked him a few key questions about creativity, artificial intelligence, and the elegance and challenge of turning machine learning into expressive sound. We’ll be posting his responses over the next few weeks, to introduce the world to what makes Amadeus Code stand out as an AI-driven musical idea generator.

Today’s Question: How do you think AI helps us better understand human creativity?


I believe that AI is able to assist human creativity with its overwhelming ability to memorize things and its ability to organize them to provide ideas for new product components. As you know, it is impossible for humankind to create something nowadays without being even remotely influenced by the creations of our great forefathers. The composer Dvorak told American students one-hundred years ago that “All that is needed is a delicate ear, a retentive memory, and the power to weld the fragments of former ages together in one harmonious whole.” Needless to say, the “delicate ear”, or sensitivity, of the human race holds boundless potential. Humans are still superior in this respect, and if this capability is replaced with AI, I doubt if it would produce good results. However, AI clearly exceeds human capabilities when it comes to the number of memories it is able to retain and the way in which it processes these memories. I, therefore, believe that using AI to support the limitations inherent with humanity will enable us to expand the limits of our creativity.

If someone has talent, then it’s better to have more options in the creative process. Whether or not to use these options will depend on the decision of the person with such sensibilities. It can be said, therefore, that the significance of creativity in the age of AI is that it helps us decide what to use and what to discard. A perfect visual example to understand this is the iPhone developed by Steve Jobs, a true pioneer of the age.


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