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AMA with CEO Jun Inoue: When did you first get the idea for Amadeus Code?

Producer, music aficionado and tech entrepreneur Jun Inoue is CEO and the driving force behind Amadeus Code. We asked him a few key questions about creativity, artificial intelligence, and the elegance and challenge of turning machine learning into expressive sound. We’ll be posting his responses over the next few weeks, to introduce the world to what makes Amadeus Code stand out as an AI-driven musical idea generator.

Jun, when did you first get the idea for Amadeus Code?

About seven or eight years ago during my busiest period as a music producer, I was having trouble coping with an increased demand for hit songs from my clients. Continually churning out songs that are not only better but also different to the previous ones is a really hard thing to do. At that time, I was also unable to take sufficient breaks or enough time to recharge my creative batteries. Then I was struck with an idea that “AI is to come up with various ideas for melodies by analyzing all the hit songs of the past and thus assist me in the songwriting process”. I actually came up with an image of a system that would enable this about three years ago. The overall image jumped into my mind while I was taking a shower.

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