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How to speed up your beat making process with Amadeus Code

How to speed up your beat making process with Amadeus Code
Amadeus Code is an artificial intelligence powered songwriting assistant. Not only is it a great resource for topline melody inspiration, there are hundreds of chord progressions for you to preview.  Create an entire sketch of a song in the app, export MIDI files and quickly create beats. In today’s demo, we’ll experiment with melody settings and create an uplifting reggae track using Amadeus Code.

Dissecting a song 

Each song section is color coordinated in the Amadeus Code app.

In the example here, (starting from 12 o’ clock) :

  1. Verse (1)
  2. Verse (2)
  3. Chorus
  4. Bridge
  5. Chorus

Notice: Same color sections represent the same song segment.

Next, let’s tweak the melody and export the MIDI files for the song.

Creating Melodies 

Here’s the chord progression we’re working with today.


The 1/8 note rhythm of the chords inspired a reggae feel and we edited the melody settings and regenerated sections of the song until we were happy with the melody.
Melody Settings

Once the sketch of the song is done in the app, simply export the MIDI files of the chords and melody from the app.

Export Files

What started as this:


Turned to this:


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