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How to use tags to organize your songs in Amadeus Code

How to use tags in Amadeus Code
An infinite source of song inspiration is a great power to have.  As the great Ben Parker, Yoda and Winston Churchill all have said (actually, Voltaire said it first), with great power comes with great responsibility.  Use tags to quickly access and organize all of your songs in Amadeus Code.

What are tags?

When you create and save a song in Amadeus Code, they are stored in your Saved song list.  The list can be sorted by date, title, and BPM.

Especially if you’re a premium subscriber, you can save unlimited songs and that can lead to a big list.  Apart from using the sorting function to access your songs, you can create your own unique tags and assign them to individual songs.

How to use tags

In your Saved list, a tap on a song will open a set of commands including tags.

Open tags

A tag can be any keyword you like.  Once you create and assign one to a song, it will display with the song in the Saved list.  There’s no one right or wrong way, but here are some ideas on how to effectively make use of tags:

  1. Lyric ideas
  2. Song topic
  3. Basic characteristics
  4. Instrument ideas
  5. Name of the artist you’re planning to present the song to
💡For advanced users: Use tags to manage the status of a song – ie. #nicechords is applied to songs with a nice chord progression but need a bit more melody tweaking; versus #forDAW is applied to songs that should be exported and fleshed out on your DAW

Try combining the use of song titles to further organize and manage your Saved list efficiently.

Already using tags in a creative way?  We’d love to know how!  Leave a comment, ask a question and follow us on twitter and facebook.

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