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Introducing Harmony Library

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Harmony Library EC

In our new app update, we’ve completely rebuilt the Discover section and added Harmony Library.  Harmony Library gives you direct access to the chord progressions that powers Amadeus Code’s AI songwriting assistant.

New Discover

The updated Discover section is the main navigation section of Amadeus Code.  Sections include:

  1. Featured Content – Check out a select list of chord progressions from featured artists or composers and also mood, genre, and tempo.
  2. Just Added – Harmony Library is a living database of chord progressions.  New chord progressions are scheduled to be added every week.
  3. Trending in the Community – Songs created in Amadeus Code can be published in the Community section.
  4. Genre & Moods – All chord progressions now have attribute data including, genre and mood such as electronic, party, aggressiveness, acoustic, happy, sad, relaxed, tempo and key.   


Chord progressions in Amadeus Code can now be searched by specific parameters, including genre, mood, tempo, and key, or by title or artist.  

New search

Song Attributes

If you’re inspired by a specific mood or feel of a certain chord progression, Amadeus Code can now display similar chord progressions based on any of the attributes available.  Search similar chord progressions by mood, tempo, and key.

Spotify Integration

Apart from previewing the chord progressions in Amadeus Code, each chord progression now has a direct Spotify link so you can quickly listen to the original song.

We hope the updated Discover section and new Harmony Library will provide a new for you to construct new ideas and continue to inspire new music.

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