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Make a track with MIDI from with Amadeus Code

Amadeus Code is an artificial intelligence powered songwriting assistant.  Create inspiration, song, and melodies instantly and infinitely.  In today’s demo, we make a track from the MIDI files exported from the Amadeus Code iPhone app.

With Amadeus Code, the creation process starts within the app (until we release our VST/AU plugin) but can easily continue in your DAW of choice by exporting MIDI files from the app.

Let’s make a simple track arrangement in 3 quick steps.

First, here’s an example of an exported MIDI file.

The harmony track consists of 4 notes with a simple comping rhythm.  Check out how it sounds with a piano, straight from the app.


Next, once you have the MIDI file in your DAW, crop the note length to accentuate rhythm.

Lastly, let’s assign new instruments!  We chose a synth bass for the lowest note in the harmony MIDI file, some keys for the remaining chords and added an Apple Loop for a drum track.

Check out our quick arrangement!


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