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New song demo – Love Song

Love Song (featured image)

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, we created a love song with a specific singer in mind. For this demo, it was Taylor Swift.  With her in mind, here’s how we made the song with the Amadeus Code app.

Melody AI Settings

Here are the parameters we set in the app’s Melody AI Settings.

  1. Bpm set to slow to create a pop ballad
  2. To give the verses a rhythmic feel, the note length settings were set to “short”.
  3. To accommodate her voice’s great presence below C, the note range was also set from low~mid range.
  4. To add contrast to the rhythmic verses, the note lengths were set longer and a wider note range was set to give a dynamic range overall for the chorus.
Melody AI Settings example

After re-generating a few ideas in the app, the midi file was exported and handed to an arranger who made the track.  

Arranging with Amadeus Code

Taylor’s vocal range is somewhere in the range of C#3-G5.  The key of the song created with Amadeus Code was raised a half step in order to accommodate this range making the song F3-D5.  
From the exported midi, 90% of the top line melody was used.  The remaining 10% was edited by a human arranger musician. The bass and harmony files are 100% from the Amadeus Code app midi files.  

Final Audio Demo – Love Song

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