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App update: New synth instruments, BPM editing and share to web support

App update - New Synth and Bass
We have a ton of new features in our latest app update!  We’ve updated the entire synth library, added a bass channel to the song player and introducing a new way to share your song ideas on the web.

New Bass Channel

The new bass channel includes 4 instrument types:

By toggling different bass sounds, you’ll be able to get different feels to the same chord progressions.

BPM Editing

Another highly requested feature, we’re excited to roll out BPM editing for all songs created in the Amadeus Code app.  Simply open the editor from the metronome icon and adjust the BPM slider.

Mute Instruments

All instrument channels, melody, bass, and chords can now be muted by either tap-holding the instrument pill box or selecting ‘mute’ in the instrument list.

To mute the metronome (click) track, open the tempo, metronome editor by tapping the metronome icon > tap the speaker icon to mute.

Share and preview in the browser

Apart from exporting MIDI and audio files from the app, you can now share songs created in the Amadeus Code app on to the web.  We think this will be a great way for you to quickly share ideas with other collaborators on the go.

Other updates

Have feedback or requests?  Let us know through the feature request portal!

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