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Newsetter #10 – Submitting to the app store & new audio demo




Submitting to the app store & new audio demo

Hi there, 

It’s merely the start, but we’re excited to finally submit our app to the app store for the first time.  We’re hard at work getting the app ready for launch.  Here are some updates from last week.  

Product Development

This week, we finally submit the app to the app store. We also started our initial meetings around the VST/AU plugin. We’re currently planning a web based application as well. With cross platform functionality, we intend to support musicians across a wide variety of ecosystems.

New audio demo: Making a bass track

When creating and exporting files from the iOS app, the harmony file is comprised of 4 midi tracks. If you assign a bass sound to the file with the lowest notes and make a simple bass pattern, you can easily and quickly create a sketch of a song. Check out the demo from the links below.

Bass track edited

Bass track raw

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Up Next

After the app is live in the app store we’re planning to starting building the harmony library. This library will constantly add new chord progressions which will become the seeds to your new songs. We’re researching what kind and variety of chord progressions would be the most meaningful. Your feedback and ideas here would be really appreciated!

About The Team

Recently, we had an opportunity to talk with a middle school student who plays trombone and drums and is interesting in composing music. What should the next instrument he learns next? Piano? Guitar? PC? Amadeus Code?

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