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Newsletter #03 – Happy new year!!




Happy new year!!  🎉🎉🎉

Happy 2018!  May you have a prosperous songwriting year.  Here are the first updates of the new year.    

Product Development



We’re creating the “public library”, a section where you can publish your songs created with the app to our community.  Published songs, can be upvoted in the ranking board. We encourage you to publish your songs to the public library on Amadeus Code.

Key Change Support

Our artificial intelligence not only learns from melodies, but also chord progressions including songs with key changes. Amadeus Code will be able to write melodies to song with any key changes.

Our List

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Up Next

The Harmony Library will have approximately 5000 songs and searchable by genre. Stay tuned for new songs added to the library every week.

About The Team

Last week, we attended a teenage vocal competition and noticed that many of the contestants were singing songs that were not in their key. Remember singers, choose the right song that’s in your key.

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