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Newsletter #04 – Machine learning, New MIDI+Audio demo, and preparing our first submit to the app store




Machine learning, New MIDI+Audio demo, and preparing our first submit to the app store  

Hi there, 

The team is back in the lab, getting ready to submit the app to the app store.  Here’s what’s been cooking since last week.  As always, we appreciate your interest in what we’re doing.  We can’t wait to get the app to you.

Product Development

Our core database will be soon online. With the database powering the app, you’ll have access to an ever evolving machine learning reinforced songwriting assistant at your disposal.

Exporting MIDI with Amadeus Code

Once you have a song that you made with Amadeus Code you like, you can export the melody and chord progression files from the app as MIDI files. Once you have the MIDI files, import them to your DAW and assign instruments of your choosing to make the song truly your own.  Check out some samples below.

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Up Next

We’re squashing bugs, preparing the beta release and also getting ready to submit to the app store.

About The Team

Lately, we’ve been feeding Amadeus Code standards from the 1900s, many of which one first learns when as a student. My teacher once said, “A good musician knows many songs” which can only mean that Amadeus Code is already a great musician.

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