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Newsletter #06 – The black engine, 1800 vs 2010 audio demo and more




The black engine, 1800 vs 2010 audio demo and more

Hi there, 

We’re hard at work getting the app ready for launch.  Here are some updates from last week.  

Product Development

This week, we’re tweaking our algorithm, the black engine, which controls the harmonic relation between the melody and harmony. This is important so the melody is optimized with the harmony regardless of the chord progression.

New Audio Demo

Within the melody settings, there is the era parameter that enables you to generate melodies based on a specific time period. In this demo, we set two eras, 1800 and 2010. Check out how the generated melodies differ on the same chord progression.

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Up Next

We’ll be distributing discount coupons for our early signup users. Stay tuned!

About The Team

One of our team members has an electric guitar from the ’70s, an instrument that existed far before the time of computers, but yet is integral to the music production process of today.  T

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