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Newsletter #07 – New album from Amadeus Code – Now on iTunes & Apple Music!

Hi there, 

We’re hard at work getting the app ready for launch.  Here are some updates from last week.  

New music from Amadeus Code!

We’re excited to share 2 albums, Rhetoric and Metaphysical.  As you can imagine, music on these 2 albums were composed with Amadeus Code.  The songs on Rhetoric are “sung” by a vocaloid synthesizer and Metaphysical is the instrumental version.  We plan to donate all proceeds from both albums to a music related cause.  Hope you enjoy and looking forward to your feedback on our social media channels!

Listen to Rhetoric

Listen to Metaphysical

Product update

One unique feature about Amadeus Code is that unlike a human composer, it can come up with unique melodies indefinitely.  In the app, you will be able to simply swipe out a verse, hook or bridge as many times as you like until you hear what you like.  

Our List

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Up Next

We’re going to start our own blog!  Stay tuned 😀

About The Team

We recently had an opportunity to speak with a teenager just starting to learn guitar.  She said that she wants the same guitar as her favorite artist.  Being ‘one’ with the artists that inspire us will never get old.  

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