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Newsletter #08 – “Submitting to the app store (soon!), and we’re on the radio in Japan”



The black engine, 1800 vs 2010 audio demo and more

Hi there, 

We’re hard at work getting the app ready for launch.  Here are some updates from last week.

Product Development

We’re a bit behind schedule, but finally all of the pieces are coming together. The first roll out of the app will naturally be somewhat of a MVP (minimum viable product) so we can learn quickly from our early users.

From the creators

Last week, we released 2 albums, Metaphysical and Rhetoric on Apple Music and iTunes.  These albums were composed by yours truly.  Norimichi Kokubo from mille beisers who arranged and played guitar on “Good Day, Good Night”, “Smile:)”, “8bitの帰り道”,”二人だけの二人” says, “arranging for a melody that was made by an AI was really fun!  Made me come up with new ideas that I would usually not think of.”

Listen on iTunes/Apple Music

Listen on iTunes/Apple Music

Our List

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A research scientist at Google named Douglas Eck discusses how deep learning has helped Magenta create new sounds. Can music generated by artificial intelligence be considered art?

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Up Next

We’re submitting the app to the app store next week!  We’re super stoked.  

About The Team

Our COO, Taishi recently spoke about trends in music consumption and production on Japanese radio program, Tokyo Midtown presents The Lifestyle MUSEUM on Tokyo FM.  You can check out the recording (sorry, Japanese only) here

Also, we finally saw Star Wars The Last Jedi!  That opening theme song is beyond epic.

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