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Newsletter #09 – Explainer video coming soon & started developing our VST/AU plugin




Explainer video coming soon & started developing our VST/AU plugin

Hi there, 

We’re hard at work getting the app ready for launch.  Here are some updates from last week.  

Product Development

We’ve started developing the VST/AU plugin versions of Amadeus Code. We plan to have the iOS version be able to sync files over the cloud so you can have seamless creatitity between your smartphone and DAW.

Demo Audio Player

We also built an in browser audio player that can toggle 2 audio files. We plan to use it to showcase what Amadeus Code can do on its own versus, what the potential can be when collaborated with a human. The first demos will have an acoustic, rock and dace track.

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Up Next

The explainer video to our app is looking good!  Also, our engineers are hard at work sorting out a few server issues.  

About The Team

We went to see a wind ensemble play and in the encore, who ever brought their own instrument could play along with the professionals. Seeing many people, young and old participate was an inspiring scene.

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