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Newsletter #11 – Awaiting app store approval & new acoustic guitar/vocal audio demo




Awaiting app store approval & new acoustic guitar/vocal audio demo

Hi there, 

Our app is now waiting approval from Apple for the app store..  Here are some updates from last week.  

Product Development

The servers, the heart of Amadeus Code is online waiting to collaborate and create new melodies with you. We’re really excited to see how Amadeus Code will evolve when it finally reaches your hands. We’re waiting for Apple to approve the app for the app store.

New audio demo: Making a bass track

Here’s a new demo of a song made with Amadeus Code. Check out the raw audio created by the app and also another version with a human singing the melody on top of an acoustic guitar arrangement. How would you have interpreted the raw version?



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Up Next

We’ve installed a feedback survey in our app. We would very much appreciate all of the posivite and negative feedback regarding the performance, usability and experience of Amadeus Code. We hope to incorporate your opinions as best possible.

About The Team

The server at the cafe we often (*always) go to for team lunches turns out to be a musician! We’ll have to have a longer lunch to talk music now for sure.

Check out music made with Amadeus Code

Listen on iTunes/Apple Music

Listen on iTunes/Apple Music

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