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Newsletter #12 – Awaiting app store approval (still) & new audio demo with guitar arrangement




Awaiting app store approval (still) & new audio demo with guitar arrangement

Hi there, 

Our app is still waiting approval from Apple for the app store, but we’re hard at work working on a new demo and other platforms.  Here are some updates from last week.  

Product Development

Our app is still undergoing app store review. We’re planning to add chord progressions in a section we are calling the Harmony Library in our next build scheduled to roll out early April. The VST/AU and web browser version as well confirmed for development. You’ll be able to carry your data across platforms with single sign on.

New audio demo: Making a track with guitar

In this section, we try to showcase the various ways Amadeus Code can help with your musical ideas.  In today’s demo, we took a melody generated from the app, exported the MIDI file to our DAW and added an accompanying guitar, bass and drum loop to the arrangement.  You’ll hear how quickly a sketch comes to life.  



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Up Next

We’re implementing a new machine learning algorithm which will enable every individual iPhone to generate unique melodies regardless. Have 2 iphones? You now have 2 cowriting assistants!

About The Team

The news about Gibson going under breaks our heart.  I hope it’s not because I’ve been using the same Gibson for 20 years.. 😅

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