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Newsletter #13 – Awaiting app store approval (pt2) & new audio demo – dance track with vocals




Awaiting app store approval (still pt2) & new audio demo – dance track with vocals

Hi there, 

Our app is still waiting approval from Apple for the app store, but we’re hard at work working on a new demo and other platforms.  Here are some updates from last week.  

Product Development

Our app is still under review with Apple. Please stay tuned for it’s first release. In the meantime, we’ve started planning the APIs for the VST/AU plugins. The core module of the AI, or the Black Engine as we call it, convolutes the melodies. We can’t wait to have you all try it yourselves.

New audio demo: Making a dance track

In this section, we try to showcase the various ways Amadeus Code can help with your musical ideas.  In today’s demo, we took a melody generated from the app, exported the MIDI file to our DAW and added a dance track arrangement with a vocal on top.  You’ll hear how quickly a sketch comes to life.  



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Up Next

We’re about to launch our blog! We’ll take deeper dives into music tech and these newsletters will be archived there as well.

About The Team

The Oscar for Best Original Song went to Remember Me from Coco. Although it didn’t win, we also love This Is Me from The Greatest Showman! Congrats to all of the songwriters!

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