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Newsletter #16 – Week 2 in the app store!!




Week 2 in the app store!!

Hi there, 

Hope you’ve had a great week since our last update.  The app is now in the app store, and we’re preparing our first beta users.  Please share your unique link to move yourself up the queue.  Here’s what’s been going on behind the scenes here at Amadeus Code HQ.  

Product Development

We’re working on the visual design elements to our user onboarding tutorial.  In case you are reading this and don’t mind figuring out the app by yourself, let us know!  We would love to have more people using the app as early as possible.  

New tutorial demo: Using MIDI with Logic and Ableton

In this week’s demo, we made a quick track in Logic Pro and Ableton Live using the MIDI files from the app.  Check it out! 

Our List

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AI music already has a commercial application with Amazon Alexa’s new feature called DeepMusic that plays songs generated by artificial intelligence.



With the help of machine learning startup team Niland, Spotify is now expanding its artificial intelligence arsenal, resulting in more music discovery and better recommendations.



A songwriting startup called AI Composer is making its way into the Korean music market. We hope to participate in this space too by helping creators with inspirational melodies.

Up Next

We’re enhancing our 1500~1700 classical catalog and anticipate to have twice as many melodies learned when once done. Users will be able to get the most up to date version of the convolution processing engine by a new auto-updating feature that we’ve finished developing and will now start implementing.

About The Team

Our research team, HSRL (which stands for Hit Song Research Lab) are constantly assessing the upcoming Song Library. We’ve decided on the 5000 songs and have starting the coding process. Stay tuned for a bunch of new songs in the app soon!

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