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Newsletter #17 – Starting a public product roadmap & creating a modern classical song




Starting a public product roadmap & creating a modern classical song

Hi there, 

Hope you’ve had a productive week since our last update. 


The app is now in the app store, and we’re preparing our first beta users.  Please share your unique link to move yourself up the queue.  Here’s what’s been going on behind the scenes here at Amadeus Code HQ.  

Product Development

We’re squashing a bunch of bugs and are scheduled to release a version update next week. The visual design element of the new user onboarding tutorial is almost finished and ready for development.

On a separate note, we’ve decided to publish our product roadmap. Come and leave us a comment and participate in the discussion!

New audio demo: Modern classical song

Here’s the result of the classical music Amadeus Code learned over the past few weeks.  Leave a comment in the comment section to tell us what you think!  Check it out.  

Our List

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Up Next

The Chinese localization strings for the app are completed and will be available in the app very soon.  

About The Team

We’re regularly adding new tutorials and audio demos to our new blog. Check out the versatility of Amadeus Code. If you have a request on a type of song you’d like us to make, reach out to us on twitter/facebook!

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