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Newsletter #19 – New tutorial: Make a Latin pop track and more




New tutorial: Make a Latin pop track and more

Hi there, 

A great article about music and artificial intelligence came out on billboard last week and it’s a highly recommended read.  Link in the section below.


Here’s what’s been going on behind the scenes here at Amadeus Code HQ.  

Product Development

The UI for our iOS app is going through significant improvements thanks to your feedback. Up next in our release will be the long awaited tutorial (finally!). We’ll finally be able to send out more invite codes in bulk. Looking forward to onboarding many of you on the top of our list.

New Tutorial: Make A Latin Pop Track with Amadeus Code

In today’s demo, we import MIDI files exported from the iOS app to create a quick Latin pop track in Ableton Live and Logic Pro.  Check out how the AI writes a pickup melody on top of a break leading into the hook.

Our List

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Are you worried that artificial intelligence may take over the music industry? Billboard believes that creative AI’s can be used as an efficient tool to reduce time and cost, helping inspire songwriters. Learn more about the development of recent startup AI’s and its impact on streaming services and legal complexities.



Songwriters, are you looking for apps that can help guide you through chord progressions, lyrics, and melodies? Here are the top iOS apps that actually work recommended by Soundfly. We’re excited to be included on the list! Sign up now for early access!



Can’t find good ideas for your song? According to Grammy-nominated American songwriter-producer Clay Mills, inspiration comes from the subconscious. Master how to write good music without thinking!

Up Next

We’ve just released version 1.0.3 of the app that fixed issues around file export.  Up next is the in app tutorial.  

About The Team

The news of Kendrick Lamar winning a Pulitzer came with a certain amount of controversy which is always expected.  But for all you naysayers,  here’s why Kendrick Lamar deserves the prize.    


We’re regularly adding new tutorials and audio demos to our new blog. Check out the versatility of Amadeus Code. If you have a request on a type of song you’d like us to make, reach out to us on twitter/facebook!

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