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Newsletter #05 – Listen to an interview, algorithms, explainer video, key settings and our in-app “welcome song”




Listen to an interview, algorithms, explainer video, key settings and  our in-app “welcome song” 

Hi there, 

We’re hard at work getting the app ready for launch.  Here are some updates from last week.  

Product Development

Amadeus Code will be reinforcing learning with genetic algorithms and we’re currently setting the numerical parameters.  We’re also making an explainer video for the app and have started building our pr strategy.  

Default Song Key

Whether there is a mid-song key change or not, songs in the app are in the key of C by default. Once you have made a song with Amadeus Code, check the note range of the melody and transpose to your own key before you start belting out your tune.

Our List

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Intel’s newest artificial intelligence is now finding its way into music videos by training to instantly reconstruct a face in 3D and track its movements in real time, including facial expressions.



Google’s upcoming artificial intelligence called NSynth can now mix notes from any 2 given instruments and generate unique sounds that we’ve never heard before!



Augmented reality audio will now let you soundtrack your life with the help of voice recognition and artificial intelligence. Get ready to listen to music in a totally new way.

Up Next

We’re making a “welcome song” that will be pre-installed for all users of the app. Of course it will be editable, so hope you’ll have fun with it!

About The Team

Our COO, Taishi Fukuyama contributed to Bittersweet A.I. Symphony, a radio documentary project produced by Joshua Coase. Check it out here.

Musicians of all sorts of musical backgrounds are participating in the discussion regarding what kind of songs Amadeus Code should learn. Whether it be jazz or classical, a common passion for music bounds us together.

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