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Update to BEATS… more BEATS!

Regenerate Rhythm on Amadeus Code
New update to Amadeus Code app -  more beats
More BEATS in Amadeus Code app

Why have one beat when you can have more?

We’ve updated the center “↻” icon (okay, not exactly, we’re talking about the one in the middle) to regenerate only the underlying rhythm patterns. This means you get more beats, new rhythm feels to your songs with a tap of a button.

Quite simple, but we hope it’s a valuable feature that will help spark more song ideas.

Remember BEATS?

4 Beat modes

In the Amadeus Code app, there are currently 4 beat modes:

These 4 beat modes are much more than just 4 beats. Now with the updated beat regenerator, a tap of a button will generate new rhythm patterns according to your selected beat.

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Update the app and check it out in the Amadeus Code app today.

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