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Video: How Amadeus Code creates melodies

We recently created a visualization of how Amadeus Code creates melodies for the Ars Electronica exhibition.

How Amadeus Code creates a melody

  1. Antiphonare = the cell containing DNA information of music.
  2. ​​One of them is chosen.
  3. ​​Melody is generated for each section.
  4. Lick = a melody defined as a morpheme. They are stored in the barrels for each section.
  5. ​​An infinite search starts from one lick.
  6. Perform depth-first search and solve multidimensional equations.
  7. Choose licks after the process of solving the formula, and finally connect them with a single line.
  8. Combine the melodies generated in each section into one.
  9. Combine with harmony and rhythm.
  10. A song just for you is completed.

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