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Newsletter #14 – We have a blog, new audio/MIDI demo & awaiting app store approval (still pt3)




We have a blog, new audio/MIDI demo & awaiting app store approval (still pt3)

Hi there, 

Our app is still waiting approval from Apple for the app store, but we’re hard at work working on a new demo and other platforms.  Here are some updates from last week.  

Product Development

We’re working on the MIDI editor of the VST/AU plugin and as announced last week, we launched our blog!  Never a dull moment.  

New audio demo: Using MIDI

In this week’s demo, we added a simple arrangement to a song made with Amadeus Code. From the exported MIDI file, we create a rhythm pattern, assign a synth bass to the lowest note from the harmony track, and a keyboard to the remaining 3 notes. Finally, we add an Apple Loop and voila, we have a demo of a song.



Listen on our new blog!

Our List

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Up Next

We want to be able to recommend the right chord progression, the right melody at an individual level. We’ve started on developing the algorithms. Your ideas and feedback are always welcome!

About The Team

March is graduation season and and one us has a daughter graduating elementary school. For graduation, she’ll be playing Pomp and Circumstance Marches by Edward Elgar. No idea how that song got selected, but a proud dad regardless.

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Listen on iTunes/Apple Music

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