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Newsletter #15 – We’re live in the app store!!




We’re live in the app store!!

Hi there, 

A monumental week for our team, the app is finally live in the app store!  It does still require an invite code in order to use, so please share and get yourself at the top of the que.  

Product Development

We’ve already demolished the first version of the app to include an onboarding tutorial, updated settings menus and small tweaks here and there.  Never a dull moment.  

New audio demo: Rock ballad

In this week’s demo, we made a rock ballad. Creating an emotional melody is one thing, but performing a melody emotionally is another. The demo vocalist had her important family and friends in mind when she sang this demo.  Check it out from the link below.



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Up Next

We’ve decided to call our catalog of chord progressions, the Song Library. It currently includes 5000 songs and we’re creating the code that will enable our AI to compose on top of it. We’ll keep you updated here in our newsletter and also our new blog.

About The Team

We’re excited and relieved to see our app finally in the app store! Can’t wait to hear what you all will make with this.

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Listen on iTunes/Apple Music

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