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Whitepaper: Analysis of Musical Composition by AI using large-scale databases

Music composition and songwriting are often described the way other types of creativity and artistic processes are: mysterious, specialized activities that spring magically from the depths of the artist’s mind. Yet writing music is also a craft, and seemingly effortless breakthroughs are courted by skilled writers via practice, listening, analysis, and other methods.

Amadeus Code was built to be the next tool in this trade, the next supporting element to push the craft that leads to sonic art. By harnessing the fast calculations of computers and the rapid pace that algorithms can use to find novel combinations according to specific rule sets, AC is a prompt, generating new melodies and chords composers can use or discard, combine or arrange.

The melodies Amadeus Code creates are helpmates, not replacements. Humans are the heart of creation and curation, and there is no machine that can change that. However, we feel strongly that AI has a thrilling place in the composition process, one that we hope producers, writers, and composers will adopt and adapt to their own needs and dreams.


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